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A series of glaciers in the Antarctic are being named after the satellites that have revealed the changing state of the White Continent.

The spacecraft, from Europe, the US and Japan, have

China's WeChat is a site for social interaction, a form of currency, a dating app, a tool for sporting teams and deliverer of news: Twitter, Facebook, Googlemaps, Tinder and Apple Pay all

Image copyrightSouth Wales Police
Image caption South Wales Police is one of three UK police forces to use automatic facial recognition technology

Microsoft has deleted a massive database of 10 million images which

Image copyrightESA
Image caption The EU plans to add to its Sentinel Earth observation satellites

Scientists are developing a satellite system to record the temperatures of individual fields of crops.

The aim is

Image copyrightNASA
Image caption Private astronauts will be permitted up to 30 days' travel to the ISS

Nasa is to allow tourists to visit the International Space Station from 2020, priced at $35,000

Image copyrightGetty Images

Greens will "beat the rising tide of far-right hate" across Europe, the party's co-leader Jonathan Bartley will say as he opens the party's conference.

The four-day event in Scarborough comes

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