M5 crash: Three remain critically injured as four killed


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Media captionEmergency services were called to the scene just after 14:30 BST on Saturday

A woman and two children remain critically injured in hospital after an M5 crash that killed four people.

A lorry crashed through the central reservation at about 14:30 BST on Saturday and hit at least two vehicles heading northwards, police said.

Highways England said it expected the northbound carriageway between junctions 16 and 14, just north of Bristol, to remain shut on Sunday[1].

The southbound carriageway reopened shortly before 06:00.

No details of the four people killed in the crash, which happened between junctions 15 and 14, have yet been released by police.

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The injured woman and children were taken to hospitals in Bristol after the crash, where they were described as being in life-threatening conditions.

The driver of the lorry was taken to hospital to be checked over as a precaution.

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Supt Simon Ellis, of Avon and Somerset Police, previously said the rescue and recovery operation was "painstaking work".

He said officers' priorities were to notify the victims' next of kin and thanked members of the public who "courageously went to the aid of those involved" in the crash.

Motorists were stuck for hours on the motorway following the crash.

Image caption Motorists were left stuck on the M5 for hours after the crash

Cardiologist Dr Amer Hamed, who was in a car travelling northbound, seconds behind the vehicles caught up in the collision, said:"There was a lorry involved and at least two other cars.One was absolutely destroyed and another had flipped over."

Dr Hamed said that he and a GP, who was also in a car at the scene, treated an injured woman.

He said motorists who had been stuck on the carriageway for several hours were "very helpful" and had offered food and water to other people who were stuck.

Jasper Fox was travelling southbound with two friends and said they were one of the first on the scene after the collision and did what they could to help.

He said:"The crash was utterly horrific - it is not anything I'd wish anyone to see.

"We've been quoted as heroes but it is just human nature."...


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Sergio Perez: Force India retain Mexican driver for 2018 season

Force India F1 driver Sergio Perez
Sergio Perez is seventh in the drivers' standings - one place ahead of team-mate Esteban Ocon

Sergio Perez is to stay at Force India for a fifth consecutive season in 2018.

The 27-year-old, who had been in the frame for a Renault drive before the French team committed to Carlos Sainz,[1] said staying was an "easy decision".

Perez said:"Staying with Force India was always my priority.The team have allowed me to show my talents as a driver and I feel very happy here."

The Mexican added:"I'm proud of everything we have achieved and I think there is more to come."

Perez will again partner Frenchman Esteban Ocon, who was already contracted to the team for next season.

The pair have had a number of on-track incidents[2] this season, but the team have threatened them with fines if there is a repeat - and the tense atmosphere between them seems to have relaxed in recent weeks.

Co-owner and team principal Vijay Mallya said:"Sergio has played an important role in our success story over the last few years.Since joining us in 2014, he has matured to become one of the quickest and most consistent drivers on the grid.

"His track record speaks for itself as the most successful Force India driver ever with four podiums.Alongside Esteban, retaining Sergio gives us stability going into next season and one of the most exciting driver pairings in Formula 1."

Force India finished in their best-ever position of fourth in the constructors' championship last year, and are on course to repeat it in 2017.

Ocon (right) said Perez (left) "tried to kill" him at last month's Belgian Grand Prix

Team set for name change

The team are likely to change their name before next season in an attempt to present a more international image and make them more appealing to sponsors.

Co-owners Mallya and Subrata Roy have failed to attract significant commercial interest in their home country, where both are controversial businessmen who have both had legal difficulties arising from allegations of financial offences.

One option for a new name is Force Racing, but deputy team principal Bob Fernley said there had not yet been a final agreement.

The move, which is expected to get the required approval of other teams and governing body the FIA, is likely to be finalised over the winter in time for the start of the build-up to next season....


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Narcos location scout shot dead in central Mexico

Carlos Muñoz Portal (file picture)Image copyright Facebook Image caption Carlos Muñoz Portal had worked in major film productions in Mexico and the US

A location scout for the Netflix crime drama Narcos has been shot dead while working in central Mexico.

The bullet-riddled body of Carlos Muñoz Portal, 37, was found in his car in a rural area in the town of Temascalapa, in Mexico state, one of the country's most violent.

Mexican officials were reportedly having difficulties investigating the case given a lack of witnesses.

Netflix said the facts surrounding his death were "still unknown".

A friend of Muñoz told the Spanish newspaper El País (in Spanish)[1] that the victim was travelling in the region taking photographs for locations.The death happened on Monday but news of it has only recently emerged.

Muñoz's 10-year career included scouting locations for high-profile movies such as the latest James Bond movie, Spectre, as well as the action series Fast &Furious and Sicario, a movie about an FBI agent sent on a dangerous mission to bring down a Mexican drug cartel.

Narcos is a hit series about the rise and fall of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, and Muñoz was working as a freelancer for its fourth season, which will reportedly focus on the notorious Juárez drug cartel in northern Mexico.

Netflix said in a statement:"We are aware of the passing of Carlos Muñoz Portal, a well-respected location scout, and send our condolences to his family."...

Image copyright AFP Image caption Narcos is a hit series about the rise and fall of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar (depicted in graffiti in Medellin)


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Brexit: Boris Johnson 'back-seat driving' over Brexit, says Rudd

Theresa May and Boris JohnsonImage copyright PA

Boris Johnson has been accused of being a Brexit "back-seat driver" by the home secretary.

Amber Rudd said it was fine for Mr Johnson to show his enthusiasm but he was not "driving the car" after he set out his vision for the UK post-Brexit on Saturday.

She said ministers must be united in their approach and help the prime minister manage the Brexit process.

The BBC understands Mr Johnson will not be sacked despite anger among some MPs.

Lib Dem leader Vince Cable urged the prime minister to "fire this guy on Monday morning", warning that if she did not act her authority would be "reduced to zero".

The home secretary said she had been too busy dealing with the terror attack in London to read the foreign secretary's article in Saturday's Daily Telegraph.[1]

No leadership challenge

But asked about Mr Johnson's intervention, she said:"You could call it back-seat driving, absolutely."

"I don't want him managing the Brexit process, what we have got is Theresa May managing the process, driving the car.I am going to make sure, as far as I and the rest of the cabinet is concerned, we help her do that."

Asked whether she shared the concerns of those - including Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson - who have criticised the timing of the intervention.she said they had a point.

"I know what an irrepressible enthusiast (Johnson) is about Brexit, and what he's done is set it out there, I think it's absolutely fine, I would expect nothing less from Boris," she said.

When asked if the article was a leadership challenge, Rudd said "no, I don't think it is"."I think that he, like I, supports the prime minister at this difficult time as we try to conclude the negotiations with the EU."

After his article's publication in the Telegraph Mr Johnson later tweeted he was "all behind Theresa for a glorious Brexit".

In his article, Mr Johnson said the UK should not be giving the EU any money to gain access to the single market after Brexit and said he would like to see a lot of the money recovered from Brussels going to the NHS, repeating the disputed referendum claim that exit could provide an extra £350m for the health service.

The intervention comes just days before the prime minister makes a major speech on Brexit in Florence, amid speculation she is prepared to announce some kind of deal on transitional trade payments.

Ms Rudd has also announced the UK wants to agree a new treaty with the EU after it leaves in March 2019 to entrench its existing co-operation on intelligence and security....


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Brexit: Boris Johnson warned against being 'back-seat driver'

Theresa May and Boris JohnsonImage copyright PA

Boris Johnson has been warned not to be a Brexit "back-seat driver" and to give his full support to Theresa May.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd said she did not want Mr Johnson, who on Saturday set out his own vision for post-Brexit Britain, "managing the process".

She told the BBC it showed Mr Johnson's "incredible enthusiasm" for leaving the EU but ministers must be united and bring those who voted to stay along.

The BBC understands Mr Johnson will not be sacked despite anger among some MPs.

The home secretary said she had been too busy dealing with the terror attack in London to read the foreign secretary's article in Saturday's Daily Telegraph.[1]

But asked about the foreign secretary's intervention she said:"You could call it back-seat driving."...


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