Brexit: UK must keep 'half an eye' on European Court of Justice rulings


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Media captionWhy the fuss about the European Court of Justice?

The UK will have to keep "half an eye" on the rulings of the European Court of Justice (ECJ) after Brexit, a government minister has said.

Critics have accused the prime minister of a "climbdown" on her promise the UK would take back control of its laws when it left the EU, in March 2019.

The government maintains the UK will no longer be under the "direct jurisdiction" of the ECJ.

But Justice Minister Dominic Raab has now said it will not be a clean break.

A paper just published by the government[3] say it is not "necessary or appropriate" for the ECJ to have direct authority over UK law after Brexit, adding that it would be "unprecedented" for it to do so.

It sets out a range of alternative models for dealing with legal disputes with the EU - and argues that the UK is is in a "position of strength" to forge new arrangements suited to its own circumstances.

Dominic Raab told BBC Radio 4's Today programme:"Our commitment as a government since the referendum has been crystal clear - we're ending the jurisdiction of the European Court over disputes between the EU and the UK, that's not on the table.

"But look, let's also be clear about it - when we leave the EU, we are taking back control over our laws.

"There will be divergence between the case law of the EU and the UK, and it is precisely because there will be that divergence as we take back control that it makes sense for the UK to keep half an eye on the case law of the EU, and for the EU to keep half an eye on the case law of the UK."


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Media captionJustice minister Dominic Raab tells Today that the UK and EU should keep "half an eye" on each other

The Luxembourg-based ECJ is in charge of ensuring member states abide by EU law.

Its rulings are binding on all member states, and it also settles disputes between countries and EU institutions.

Direct or indirect?

Analysis by the BBC's Ross Hawkins

Theresa May has promised - repeatedly - to simply leave the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

In this morning's briefing there's a subtle difference.The government will "build towards ending the direct jurisdiction" of the court.

Sources insist nothing has changed;the language has been used before.But what the word "direct" really means and how much say if any the ECJ will have in the UK after Brexit are now crucial questions.

Or - to put them another way - are we really taking back as much control as leave voters hoped?

The ECJ's remit extends into many of the areas where the UK is hoping to draw up new arrangements with the EU, including trade and citizens' rights.

Mr Raab said "some form of arbitration" would be needed, but that this would not be akin to a European court.

Arbitration is where disputes are settled by a neutral third party.The UK and the EU could each appoint arbitrators and agree on a third, Mr Raab suggested.

He said this was different to the UK accepting the jurisdiction of ECJ which would be "lopsided and partisan and that's not on the cards".

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European Court of Justice

  • Decides whether the institutions of the EU are acting legally, and settles disputes between them
  • Ensures that the member states of the EU are complying with their legal obligations as set out in the EU treaties;and allows member states to challenge EU legislation
  • Interprets EU law at the request of national courts

Pro-EU campaigners say the government made an "appalling error" by making leaving the ECJ a "red line" in Brexit negotiations, saying new courts will now be needed in all the areas it extends to, including trade, citizens' rights and security.

The pro-EU Open Britain group claimed a "climbdown" in the government's approach.

Sir Keir Starmer, Labour's shadow Brexit secretary, said:"The prime minister's ideological insistence that there can be no future role whatsoever for the ECJ or any similar court-like body risks preventing the deal Britain needs."

Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable said Mrs May's "red lines are becoming more blurred by the day", saying the ECJ had "served Britain's interests well" and should not be "trashed"....

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Naomi Campbell shames Vogue over diversity

Naomi Campbell and Edward EnninfulImage copyright Getty Images Image caption Vogue's new editor Edward Enninful has hired Naomi Campbell Naomi Campbell has criticised the lack of diversity among the staff at British Vogue under its previous editor. The supermodel posted the magazine's last staff photo, which featured no black faces among the 55-strong team. It was taken before Edward Enninful took the reins[1] as the magazine's first black editor earlier this month. "Looking forward to an inclusive and diverse staff now that @edward_enninful is the editor," Campbell wrote on Instagram[2]. Broadcaster and commentator Edward Adoo said the Vogue staff photo looked like a snapshot of "very old school Britain". He told BBC News:"It seemed there was no room for anyone else.It seemed like the Sloanies' club.In the whole fashion industry, the mainstream element feels very middle class, very white, very controlled, and there needs to be some kind of breakthrough. "I think Edward Enninful is a step in the right direction.He's black, he's gay and he reaches out to different people, and I think that's what's needed." Campbell has the status to speak out, whereas younger models have less power, Adoo said. "For Naomi Campbell to say it, it would certainly silence the critics because of her calibre and status. "But for someone who's up-and-coming to speak out and say, I feel as if I'm not being treated right, or there are no opportunities, they may never ever get a call again." One of Enninful's first appointments was to hire[3] Campbell, Kate Moss and film director Steve McQueen as contributing editors. Speaking to Time[4] last year, he said there needed to be widespread change to make the fashion industry more diverse. "If you put one model in a show or in an ad campaign, that doesn't solve the problem," he said.

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Media captionIs Vogue still relevant today?Anna Murphy and Susie Lau discuss "We need teachers in universities, we need internships, we need people of different ethnic backgrounds in all parts of the industry.That really is the solution;you have to change it from the inside." In the same interview, Campbell said:"For me, it never stops.It's not a fight, it's a conversation - constantly reminding people that diversity is beautiful and that there should be diversity and equal opportunity. "It never stops because you say it and they say that they listen, and it seems to take two steps backwards." Follow us on Facebook, on Twitter @BBCNewsEnts, or on Instagram at bbcnewsents.If you have a story suggestion email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..[5][6][7][8]


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Grenfell Tower management 'to be removed' - Theresa May

Grenfell TowerImage copyright PA

The organisation that manages Grenfell Tower is to be stripped of its responsibilities for the west London estate, the prime minister has said.

Theresa May said she had a "dignified" and "respectful" meeting with survivors of the fire, which left at least 80 people dead, on Tuesday night.

She said residents were "pleased" to hear the tenant management organisation was being stripped of its powers.

It comes as the Met Police confirmed Ernie Vital, 50, died in the fire.

Police say 54 victims have now been formally identified - including baby Logan Gomes, who was stillborn in hospital after the blaze.

Mrs May held a private meeting with around 60 or 70 residents, before speaking to the leader of Kensington and Chelsea Council to pass on the concerns raised.

Speaking to the BBC, she said residents were concerned about Kensington and Chelsea Tenant Management Organisation (TMO), which was responsible for the management of Grenfell Tower and the surrounding area.

"I was pleased that I was able to tell them - because the tenant management organisation is one of the issues that residents have been very concerned about - I was able to tell them that the tenant management organisation will no longer have responsibility for the Lancaster West housing estate."

She added:"People were pleased to hear that."...

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Cars and keys stolen from car park near Manchester Airport

Manchester AirportImage copyright Getty Images Image caption Car Park Manchester runs a meet and greet service that serves Manchester Airport

Up to 130 sets of car keys have been stolen from a site used by a meet-and-greet company offering long-stay parking near Manchester Airport.

Four cars were also taken from the Car Park Manchester site in Hale, the Manchester Evening News reported.[1]

Police said the full numbers involved were not yet known because many of the vehicles' owners are still on holiday.

Car Park Manchester said it had reported the 18 August burglary but declined to comment further.

The company is not affiliated with Manchester Airport.

Cheryl Wilden said she discovered her sister's car keys had been stolen after the pair returned from a holiday in Barcelona.

'Absolutely devastated'

She said they had to retrieve a spare set of keys from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, before being taken to where the car had been left in a "muddy field".

They then struggled to drive the brand new Hyundai out of the site because it was stuck in mud, Ms Wilden said.

Image copyright Cheryl Wilden Image caption Cheryl Wilden (right) and her sister Samantha Mercer were told their keys had been stolen when they returned from Barcelona

"It was horrendous, there were lots of high value cars there.We were quite horrified," she added.

"They eventually had to get the car out for us.It was not pleasant.

"I'm just absolutely devastated because I booked it."

'Apologetic owner'

Matthew Griffiths was also informed his keys had been stolen.However, he praised the car park's staff for the way they handled the situation.

"Upon visiting the car park I could see they had a rough time.I was greeted by the most kind and apologetic owner of the business," he said.

"I'd like to thank the owners of the car park for assisting me with the issue to their best ability."

A spokesman for Manchester Airport said:"We would like to remind passengers that the airport offers a wide range of secure, official car parking facilities, and is also well connected via public transport.

"Anyone with any doubts about their car parking can verify it with our customer services team."

Have you had your car keys stolen from Car Park Manchester?Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with your stories.[2]

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Northern Ireland floods: More than 120 people rescued

Flooded roadImage copyright Johnny Gallagher Image caption A flooded road between Strabane and Clady in County Tyrone

More than 120 people had to be rescued in Northern Ireland after being trapped by overnight flooding.

The north west was worst affected, particularly Londonderry, as well as other parts of the county and Tyrone.

Firefighters rescued 93 people who were trapped by flood water in their cars or homes.At one point, the fire service got an emergency call every 45 seconds.

Image copyright Daniel O'Connell Image caption Flooding in Whitehouse near Londonderry

The Met Office confirmed that 63% of the average August rainfall fell within a 8-9 hours period.

The coastguard rescued more than 30 people, with helicopters being brought in from Scotland, Wales and Sligo.


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Media captionDozens trapped in cars during flooding in Londonderry

Check out the latest weather forecast[1]

Other people were helped by the police, ambulance service and other agencies.


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Media captionRoads in Londonderry and the north west were hit by serious flooding

The heavy rain on Tuesday night came after a yellow weather warning was issued for many parts of Northern Ireland.

Image copyright Johnny Gallagher Image caption Flooding in County Tyrone

All flights to and from City of Derry Airport are cancelled on Wednesday.

The fire service said it received 402 emergency 999 calls between 19:00 BST and 04:00 and during a peak period between 21:00 and 23:00 BST, they were getting an emergency call every 45 seconds.

Image copyright John O'Neill Image caption A fallen sign pointing the way to Belfast and Dungiven

"Firefighters worked in extremely challenging circumstances to reach people," Alan Walmsley of the fire service said.

"A number of roads were impassable due to flooding and crews had to take alternative routes to attend some incidents."

Ryan Gray, from the Coastguard, said:"Flood water up to 6cms in depth will take a human being off their feet and if it does so, it's very unlikely that the person will be able to stand up again," he said.

Image copyright My Omagh Image caption A landslide due to the heavy rain at the Gortin Glens in County Tyrone

"This was a metre and a half of flood water - it was lifting vehicles up and taking them down, the current of the water

"There was a little bit of panic, thankfully the rescue teams are very well trained and they managed to calm the scene down and rescue people.

Image copyright My Omagh Image caption Brookmount Road, Omagh, was severely flooded on Tuesday night

"All the emergency services - the police, fire and ambulance and Coastguard and the voluntary agencies all worked extremely well together last night in extremely challenging conditions."

Bridges collapsed on the Camlough Road near Carrickmore, County Tyrone, and on Church Steet in Claudy, County Londonderry.

Image copyright Press Eye Image caption A bridge has collapsed on the Camlough Road near Carrickmore

Dawn Grieve and her two young sons were rescued from their home in the Ivy Mead area of Derry by tractor.

"I had to leave the house, I actually got a tractor ride out of there by two local boys - their mum lives at the top of our street," she said.

"I have two young boys, one is four and one is two, and we had to get out of there at about half three this morning.

"It was too bad for them - they were scared."

Image caption Storm damage at the park and ride in Drumahoe

Paul Duddy, a motorist caught up in the flooding, told BBC News NI he had "never seen anything like this in all my life".

"It was terrifying, particularly whenever I seen the water coming up over the bonnet of the car.I don't know how the car didn't stall completely."

Brigid Mullan, from Claudy, told BBC News NI she was stranded on the Victoria Road in Derry.

"We met a woman from Plumbridge who was very, very distressed so I offered to try to get her to Plumbridge.

"We didn't get near Plumbridge, we got halfway there and the roads were flooded.We had to turn.

"And it is now exactly 11.15, and we are sitting slightly above the Everglades Hotel.There is nobody to come up and advise people the length of time it is going to take."

End of Twitter post by @columeastwood

SDLP leader and Foyle MLA Colum Eastwood tweeted that the flooding was "shocking".

"Families and businesses struggling to cope and big questions for statutory agencies.Where was the preparation?"

The Foyle Arena was opened from 23:00 BST for those affected.

The Roads Service say the following roads remain closed on Wednesday morning[4]:County Londonderry:A5 Victoria Road between Strabane and Derry, Gregg Road, Lower deck Craigavon Bridge, Church Brae, Drumnahoe Road, A2 Clooney Road (between Maydown and Eglinton), Ballynamee Bridge in Claudy has collapsed, Hall Road, Coleraine.

County Tyrone:Drumeen Road, Donaghanie Road, A505 Cookstown Road, Camlough Road, Whitebridge Road, Plumbridge - bridge closed, Crockanboy Road.

Roads reopened are:Maghermason, Skeoge, Cross Border Road/Donegal, Letterkenny Roundabout, Buncranna.

Translink has said there is severe disruption on the Coleraine to Antrim railway line due to the weather.

Bus substitutions are being provided.

There are also delays to some bus services in the north west[5].

Full details are on the Translink website[6]....

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